Story Power- A storytelling workshop by Rosemarie Somaiah

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Having attended the panel discussion on 8th January where Ms. Rosemarie Somaiah and Mr. Rama Kannabiran spoke on the topic-‘literature of Singapore’, I was all the more eager to attend the Story Power workshop the next day.

At about 2 PM I reached the the venue for the workshop by Ms.Rosemarie Somaiah. It was a big surprise to see the number of teachers, librarians and story telling enthusiasts that had turned up.

It started with a truly inspiring story of her life and struggle as she became a storyteller with the Asian Storytelling Network from being a homemaker in Singapore. She moved on to explain what is the most important key to becoming a storyteller. The answer was to get into the audience’s shoe; to mould the story and the storytelling according to the listeners. For example, be an 8 year old if the audience is a group of 8-10 year old children.

She further introduced us to the various ways of storytelling. We began with storytelling with hand gestures and storytelling using paper folding methods. Later, we did a group task with Oh cards and story cubes too.

Along with all the fun and laughter, the tips and tricks that she shared with all of us, will surely help each one be a better storyteller. I certainly will be using all of these in my next sessions and pass them on to the volunteers. 🙂

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Rachita Pati( Program Manager, Food 4 Thought Foundation)

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