‘Adopt a School’ – Our first ‘Fellow’

by FoodAdmin

Books are the best friends for everyone. Culminating the habit of book reading from the tender age is very important and I see that many private schools are working towards this. There are teachers and headmasters in the government who realize the importance but are many times helpless due to lack of funds. Food4Thought comes in for the kids in these schools. The books donated by many are segregated and organized. These are setup in the libraries of government schools and given access to the kids. The kids can take the books home and read at leisure and return when done. This will enhance the interest and hone their reading skills.

Today we opened one such library in the Shamshiguda ZPHS school. About 200 books were setup and the kids of this school will have access to these books. Apart from this there will be story telling sessions conducted and get the kids to review the books. The response from the school teachers and headmaster and their enthusiasm shown is really overwhelming. Their happiness is boosting our efforts in making such projects a huge success. I am very happy to be part of this and hope to see many more happy faces of kids in many more schools.

Written by: Ms. Arunmayee Jandyam (Fellow, Hyderabad)


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