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I never thought people would respond to an idea of a library in 100% literate Kerala. Here, every school has a library, so, I had a task in front of me, telling people what would be different with Food 4 Thought Foundation.

Almost all libraries are well funded. I travelled to a village called Kavvusserry by road from Kochi; 250 km in all to and fro. Schools are all closed for summer with temperature close to 45degrees. As I have a relative in the area who is into social work, we were able to get the Principal and a few teachers to meet us at the school.

What made all the difference was that they were an enthusiastic lot. They felt their children needed age appropriate books and storytelling sessions to build them. They have their mini poetry sessions at school and even publish their own poetry booklets.

There is a 15-year-old who conducts these sessions at school. He is coming up with a Malayalam Wikipedia next. If just one school in this small state can have such a wealth of potential, I imagined what hundreds of school going children across India could do! AMAZING!

Written by: Ms. Thelma Unni Sunil (City Council, Kerala)


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