Beyond Reading . . . Reflecting through Powerpoint Presentations

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It all started in April 2016 , after having Joy of Reading sessions for past few months on every Sunday at our society i. e Lotus Panache at sector 110, Noida, which was enjoyed by the kids of age groups from 4 to 16 years by the volunteers from our society I being one of them. Then slowly we started conducting the book review sessions with the kids in which they were suppose to issue any book of their choice from our library and then read it and bring a small write up in the fixed format as the book review and present it next Sunday. We had very interesting book review sessions which the kids really liked and enjoyed by judging the best reviewer kid in every session. This encouraged the kids to do even better the next time. As the sessions progressed we asked kids to present a review as a group playing different characters from the same story along with one kid acting as a ‘sutradhaar’.

They narrated the story by portraying each character of the story as a different kid. Slowly we encouraged the kids to prepare a power point presentation for the book they had read. It turned out to be very successful as two of the kids Suyash Jha, grade 5 and Chaitanya Purohit, a grade 4 student both came up with beautiful presentations for the book they had read which were Harry Potter, Othello and Jungle Book and presented the book reviews on 18th September, 2016.

Hoping it to be a great success in future we are encouraging more kids to come up with their book reviews and present it in power point presentation format.

To view the presentation, Click here

Written by: Ms. Parul Saxena (Program Director, Library Management)


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