Children demand to replace free periods for library periods

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We opened a library on 6th April 2016 at Laurels High School, Gwalior. Initially one library period per week was allotted to each class and our volunteer Ms.Vijaya Sharma also a Class Teacher for Class 3rd was given the responsibility of Librarian.

During the first few months, she observed that most of the library period were missed due to holidays/ exams/etc. Students were not satisfied as they hardly went to the library and could not read the books.

She then came up with an idea and discussed with the principal to allot the periods in the week,which are her free periods as per her time table, and the respective teacher for the class/period is absent. Usually the Principal would allot these periods to other subject teachers as the respective teacher was absent.

Ms. Vijaya Sharma started this unique concept of issuing the periods in her name and converted that period into library period. While she became the substitute teacher for that period, she would issue books to students to read for that entire hour. Students started loving the concept and would eagerly wait for her. They would also look for her in the school whenever they had a free period and request her to issue books.


Looking at this wonderful response from students, now the Principal has implemented this concept for all the teachers and instructed all the substitute teachers to help the students read books and utilize the free period as Library Period.

We thank the Principal and Teachers for implementing this unique concept.

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