Breaking Language Barriers

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Book Reviews at Mullapa Village, Vijaywada.

Everyday in the morning assembly the Book reviews create enthusiasm among students. Each student wants to take a book and want to write a review on it. Mullapa Zilla Parishad High school initially started with local language- Telugu, so that the students are comfortable to come forward for a book review.  Within a few days the students where highly motivated and started reviewing books in small groups and followed by group discussions.

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Looking at the motivation level and interest of the students building, and the regular reading habit setting in, the Principal started motivating the students to move towards the English books. With a little help and encouragement, the students soon got into the habit of reading books in English and graduated to a next level by giving book reviews in English at the school assembly.

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We would like to thank the Principal of Mullapa Zilla Parishad High School for motivating the students and igniting a reading revolution among his students.



Written by: Ms. Parul Saxena (Program Director, Library Management)


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