Food4thoughtfoundation finalist in ENGO Challenge Award 2016

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About ENGO Challenge:

The E-NGO Challenge under the umbrella of Digital Empowerment Foundation’s eNGO Programme was put in to conception with an objective to recognize and facilitate the grassroots organizations doing exceptional work using Digital Tools. The E-NGO Challenge is now six years old and recognises best practices across all of South Asia.

Today E-NGO strives to build and strengthen grassroots not-for-profit organizations and help them to become mainstream sustainable entity with the help of new age tools like digital, good governance, transparent management and affective outreach.

The E-NGO Challenge 2016 is aimed to recognize, facilitate and award organizations that have done some exceptional work with communities and subjects using any kind of new age tools.

About ENGO Awards 2016:

The Jury marked the final stage of selection of best innovations for the 5th edition of the renowned eNGO Challenge Awards South Asia. This year, they received 331 nominations across 8 categories out of which, 157 were valid nominations. The virtual Jury members managed to filter down 157 valid entries to 59 for the final evaluation by the Grand Jury. A panel of 15 Jury members looked into the filtered nominations.

The jury was divided into 3 groups of 3 persons each and 2 groups of 2 persons each. Each group was given a minimum of 1 category and some groups had 2 categories also to review. In total, there were 8 categories: Enablement & Empowerment; Healthcare and Wellness; Education & Learning; Governance & Livelihood; Digital Empowerment & Tools; Heritage & Culture; Entrepreneurship & Outreach and Environment and Sustainability

Food4thoughtfoundation  was selected in finalist under the the category of category “DIGITAL EMPOWEREMENT & TOOLS”in the eNGO Awards 2016 ( ,the other participants were CINI,Managers without Borders,HOP, Helpage India,Serve the Nation, Centre for Youth, Salaam Namaste 90.4,Patiala Foundation and Amrit Foundation


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