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It was in high-school I believe that I got into the habit of reading novels, or maybe even call it addicted. I remember that our school would allow us every two weeks to issue books from the library and it was there that in one of the self that I found the “Harry Potter: The chamber of secrets”. I got back to my hostel and as I began reading, I realised that I cannot keep the book down. I had to somehow finish the book because every turn of the page got me hooked onto the next page. When I finished the book, which was in two days time, I was eager to read the next book. The next time I went to the library I looked around for the next book in the Harry Potter series but could not find it. So I took something else and started reading novels of different kinds. I began to explore what these fictions had installed for me. Although my parents didn’t like that I was reading too much novels because it was of no help for me. But I think that what it did for me was beyond something which can be taught by anyone.
From the first book to today I have read many books which have in some way inculcated a very good habit of reading which is actually help me in my academics as well. Further one important that I took away from the Harry Potter books was the importance of friendship. The friendship between Harry, Ron and Harmione was something that to this day that I strive for in my friendship goals. Also it has actually helps me build friendship with others which if not for the book would never have happened. I remember this one instance where, after finishing my high school I went to one of the community library in my place looking for the other series of the book and somehow got hold of one “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix”. And as I was reading the book one day a neighbour of mine saw me reading it and started talking to me about how she loved the series. She was in her 40s and was someone who I would have never thought about taking to about these books. She said that she has all the other series with her and that I could borrow it anytime I want. From then on through these books we become very good friends.
Written by: Ms G. Thangkhansuan, Student from Delhi

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