Leadership Team

Madhavi Sharma

Foundation Director

Manage & Lead the Foundation Operations


Rachita Pati

Program Manager

Coordinate & Collaborate within the Foundation to achieve the Goals & Objectives

Stalin Ramagiri

Program Coordinator

Mr Sridhar Sharma

Director Communication & Branding

Lead Communication and Branding for the Foundation


Ms. Uma Sharma

Director Fund Raising

Leading fund raising events, initiatives, drives to achieve Financial Objectives

Mr Purnendu Preetam

Director Endangered Stories

Lead, drive and monitoring the Save Endangered Stories program’s Goals & Objectives


Ms Mitali Das Talukdar

Director Library Management

Lead, drive and monitoring the Build Libraries program’s Goals & Objectives

Ms. Parul Saxena

Program Director- Operations

Building alliances with various institutions & organisations.

Vipul Prakash Jha

Program Director- Fundraising

Sudhakar Vasantha

Program Director- Strategic alliancee

Ms. Neha Nayyar

Program Director- nLIGHTEN